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10 Reasons Why Liberal Lori Is Not Conservative.

10. She hid her Twitter/X post so that voters would not know how liberal she is.

9. She has NOTHING on any of her literature/signs to indicate that she is a Republican.

8. She refused to sign the Idaho Republican Party Platform.

7. She donated to to one of the most liberal Democrats in Idaho (Berch)

6. She blocks and deletes questions, comments or post that challenge her liberal ideas from her political accounts.

5. She is supported by IACI-they support the uni-party and democrats and want to grow government. Most of her campaign money comes from PACs and corporations they support.

4. She wanted people in jail for not wearing masks.

3. All she does is lie about her opponent voting record.

2. She is supported by the uni-party and many liberals/democrats.

1. She supported/voted for Joe Biden

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